In the town for a day and need a dedicated distraction-free space to work? The best solution for you is the hot desk. But what are “hot desks”? Defining in a generic language, a hot desk is a single workstation used by different people on the same day but at different time intervals. These are
Investing in commercial real estate is not that difficult as it seems. Commercial leasing and renting is changing the scenario of investment in properties. The office space leasing market is becoming huge is India, with great investment opportunities and assured returns. Still, no matter how sweet and profitable the commercial leasing market appears, carrying out
One of the best parts about joining a co-working space is the flexibility it offers. There’s flexibility in terms of not just working hours, in what to wear, or how to work; but one of the best aspects is that a co-working space offers flexible membership options. Every co-working space consists of groups of people
In today’s commercial real estate sectors, if brokers just focus on the geographical position of a property without keeping in mind the other decision-making strategies it would be similar to buying a pager in the world surrounded by latest smartphones, which makes the approach basically, impractical. The location has always been an essential component in