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If you are looking for commercial shared office space in Gurgaon, OFCSPC is your one stop destination. The company has huge inventory for coworking spaces in the city. All our coworking spaces are fully furnished and equipped with top notch facilities.

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Co-working Spaces in Gurgaon: Cowork. Collaborate. Create.

Gurgaon, being one of the fastest emerging commercial centres in India, offers an array of options for coworking office spaces. These shared office spaces are well equipped with outstanding facilities. OFCSPC offers shared office space for rent in MG Road, Sohna Road, Golf Course Road and other prominent areas of the city. We provide all the facilities to suit all kinds of businesses. Along with flexible membership plans, we provide dedicated desks, rented hot desks, furnished office space, virtual office space, conference hall and seminar halls are also available on Sunday. Meet, collaborate and learn from the huge networking that coworking office spaces provide you. All our coworking spaces are located in top commercial areas of the city.

Companies working at small scale, do not want to invest a large amount in property and instead chose to invest in the business and the employees. So, to cater to the changing business scenario, there is a whole new sector in the business fields, who provide coworking space in Gurgaon, freelancers, and even enterprises. A lot of members find our facilities highly convenient and easy on their accounts.

Working at coffee shops without any restraints of normal 8 hours office culture may sound fanciful but can be challenging, considering the isolation, distraction, lack of accountability and support. This is where we come in to provide you with the best workspaces under the same shared offices that provide you with the opportunity to work independently still within the community. The coworking space in Gurgaon perfectly complements each other. Unlike coffee shops, they provide uninterrupted power supplies, broadband facility and professionals set up to allow you to work without distractions. Planning to become a member? Check out the locations below in Gurgaon to find out several coworking spaces for your needs.

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General Co-working F.A.Q's

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.
Alternatively, “Coworking” or “Co-working,” is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.

Coworking is being used by an extremely diverse customer profile starting from Freelancers (team of 1-2), Micro Small & Medium Business (3-100 people) and Large companies (> 100 people). Initially it was thought that Coworking would be suitable only for small businesses who want to conserve cash; but now it is gaining popularity even among large businesses

There are several reasons why someone should use Coworking including Networking, Cost saving, Gaining new business, Flexibility and many more. Unlike the distractions of a home office or cafe, Co-working allows for maximum productivity.

Important factors to be considered before finalizing a Coworking space are Location of the space from your place of residence or business. Ideally a place that is nearby or Neighbourhood Coworking space will be super effective. You should also check for the pricing and facilities offered by the Coworking space. Check for the Coworking office timings and see if these suit you or not. Finally, select a space that allows flexible in adding and removing employee without binding you in long term commitments.

The most effective way to find a co-working space is to ask for personal recommendations from someone in your circle who has used a space. Ask other small-business owners and people in your networking groups for their recommendations. Important factors to be considered before finalizing a Coworking space are Location of the space from your place of residence or business.

Just bring your laptop and power cord and get started! Feel free to bring anything else that you may need. Refer the facilities and amenities that we provide (each location could be unique in its offerings). Please keep in mind that we are a Neighborhood co-working (NCW) or share office space; so you will have other members working together. Anything that causes inconvenience to other members would not be allowed.

Our co-working spaces offer a variety of seating options and membership types. Ofcspc Co-working provides day passes, a hot desk membership (i.e. a seat at a community table), a dedicated desk, or a private office. For those who don’t need a desk, Ofcspc offers a community membership which gives members a mailing address for their business as well as a member rate on conference room rentals.

Our co-working spaces offer free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee and tea. On top of that, we also offer unlimited printing and photocopying, access to conference rooms, or soundproof phone booths for private phone calls. We also host free events for our members.

The other members on our co-working spaces include startup founders, entrepreneurs, small enterprises and freelancers.

Our co-working environment mirrors our style as professional branders. It offers the most comfortable look and feel that is high on all aspects.

We offer a 2-days pass for anyone who wishes to explore the facilities of our co-working spaces.

Our co-working spaces have free, unlimited Wi-Fi. In some of our spaces, we have more than one internet provider. Just in case one goes down, you can switch over to the other and keep working uninterrupted.

This may sound petty, but for many entrepreneurs, coffee can make or break their work day. We provide free coffee and tea to members. But if you’re particular about your java, you might want to try a cup on your visit to make sure it lives up to your caffeine expectations.

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