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Jasola, New Delhi

Jasola comes under the most prominent location in South Delhi. Most of the international and national business centre housed in this locality is immensely attaining high-productivity outcomes.

Avail the most productive office spaces in Jasola, New Delhi in the midst of international companies & leading startups.

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Situated in business center Jasola district is emerged as the most modern area in South Delhi. The location has sprawling roads and huge well-connected areas. Houses large and renowned corporate offices, marketing firms, IT firms, advertising, law firms, electronics, offices, and many other industry offices. The area is well connected with the major parts of the city and is located in proximity to Jasola metro station. The commercial viability of the area offers ample opportunities to the investors. As more and more projects enter the market, the area continues to witness greater growth. Great area for people looking to buy pre-rented property with modern facilities.

Coworking Office Space

Find the best co-working office spaces in Jasola, New Delhi which are not only fruitful but also trending.

Pre-Leased Properties

Get the best properties to invest in for pre-leased commercial spaces in Jasola, New Delhi at the right prices.

Buy & Sell Office Space

Find amazing deals when looking ahead to buy/sell commercial real estate in Jasola, New Delhi.

Office Space Leasing

Get the best commercial properties and office space leasing options in Jasola, New Delhi.

Facilities in Jasola

Find the best facilities available in Jasola, New Delhi

Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport

New Delhi

  • Distance - 20.4 KM
  • Travel Time - 39 minutes

Jasola Metro Station

New Delhi

  • Distance - 4.7 KM
  • Travel Time - 12 minutes

Railway Station

New Delhi

  • Distance - 20 KM
  • Travel Time - 40 minutes


New Delhi

  • DAV Public School
  • Asia-Pacific Institute


New Delhi

  • Kalindi Hospital
  • Indraprastha


New Delhi

  • Big Dragon
  • Domino's Pizza


New Delhi

  • Hotel Jashn's Inn
  • The Sentinel Hotel

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