Are You A Technology Company? Go For Offices In IT Parks!

While several companies and startups are looking for shared offices and temporary workspaces in central business districts, they sometimes completely oversee IT parks which are loaded with amenities. Not just the prime address and conveyance convenience, but ample parking space, food courts, ATMs, and recreational zones make IT parks an ultimate choice for tech companies and global IT giants in India.

Like Bengaluru, a startup hub in the southern part of the country, Gurgaon has emerged out as a favourite spot for IT companies in the north. It’s proximity to the national capital, which is centrally located and a feasible point for passing down material and human resources makes Gurgaon a logical choice for tech. companies to set up their offices.

One can easily identify prominent IT giants like Google, Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, and many more in the most swish locations in Gurugram.

This brings us to the most pertinent question – Why do tech. companies prefer an office in an IT park? What are the benefits that they get which any other temporary workspace or a shared office cannot fulfil? Let’s break down the factors and look each of them closely.

The landscapes of business and IT parks were always there, and have dominated the ideal workspace scenario.


(Tech. companies need to work in a focused environment, which only an IT park can provide.)

Before digging deep, we need to understand the objectives the IT parks cover. The main objective of all being providing a high-quality business environment for tech companies for their operations. Tech. companies have visitors coming in and business meetings happening all day long, and they all look for a vibrant work culture, warm ambience, and awesome office interiors that lay an impression on first glance. While co-working spaces are known for their atmosphere that nurtures collaboration, IT parks helps in keeping the daily operations of a tech company a private affair, with all the concentration they need for bringing out the highest levels of productivity. The next big thing that IT parks bring in is the location. Your office address is surely under scrutiny when you’re running a big tech company.


While startups can manage their grind in shared workspaces, technology companies have delegatory activities happening each day.

This means, that there shouldn’t be any hassles while commuting to the address; whether it is for the regular employees or a summer intern. Often the location of the IT parks work as a landmark too; and other smaller businesses could help their clients identify their address around your location – thus, bringing in more eyeballs. Most of them are not located in residential neighbourhoods and therefore, can be easily identified and visited. They are near to point of public transport like the metro, and you can save precious time that goes behind making a cab driver understand the pickup spot.



(IT parks guarantee a focused work environment, which is crucial for business heads.)

There is also huge customer segmentation in IT parks. The assortment of companies working in these towers and parks is large. From corporate offices, sales offices, satellite offices and even off-shore offices, there are several options for a tech company to run its daily operations. Prior to the advent of co-working spaces, IT parks enjoyed healthy levels of interests from startups as well. Due to this segmentation tech companies can use different office types suiting to their needs. Since all of them are fully furnished office types, they can easily configure their team. From several private cabins for CXOs and highly-functional and comfortable desks for executives. IT parks have offices which are designed keeping in mind the low seat density in terms of a number of people operating within the centre. Several IT parks also incorporate the trend of floating desks, which are perfect for off-shore employees visiting for a shorter duration and keeps people productive for a few hours/days. Probably, matching to the ambience that IT parks provide is near to difficult. As these business centres are designed to appear as formal yet trendy offices you can find a great amalgamation of creative design and brand identity. Take a look at offices big tech giants like Google; they always leave an imprint of their products and culture in their work floor, lobbies, pantry, and meeting rooms. These are quiet, cosy, yet keep the productive environment high.


The infrastructure plays an important role in deciding on a particular office location. There are heavy development costs involved in IT parks to make every office highly-functional.

Apart from providing basic infrastructure amenities like dedicated WiFi, cafeteria services, reprography services that include printing, scanning and photocopying, charging docks at each workstation, server racks and more. IT parks walk a little further by providing concierge services, voice and data ports at each and every workstation, VOIP phones and high definition video conferencing facilities. This noticeable differentiator, quite obviously, is reflected in the cost per seat of both formats. As a result, they keep a minimum tenure of three months in their lease period.

With such eminent benefits no wonder why IT parks in Gurugram, Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, and other satellite cities are in such a huge demand. Looking for an office space for your team, get in touch with our solution managers here!

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