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Drive Business with the Best Warehouse for Rent in Lucknow!

By selecting warehouse services from OFCSPC, you can enjoy great benefits like;


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Warehouse Space for Rent in Lucknow Fulfilled Under One Roof!

Whether it's the benefits of shared, multi-client warehousing, or the customized workflow of dedicated warehouse operations, OFCSPC is able to provide efficient solutionsfor all of your warehousing needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide warehousing that integrates seamlessly with your organizations business processes.

Putting resources into warehousing can be time and money testing. With our experienced solutions managers, you'll be able to find the right warehouse for rent to help you carry out your work with proficiency and successful coordination. With this basic fulfilment, saving generous cost reserve funds gets really easy, along with other components like technology, manpower, and machinery utilized. You're guaranteed to find the best-calculated warehouses, godowns, cold storage, distribution centres and their 3PL services, added with best in class innovation and administrations which saves money on schedule and other expenses.

Have a Look at Some of the Popular Locations in Lucknow

Bijnor Road
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About Bijnor Road

Witnessing the rise of warehousing in the area, Bijnor Road in Lucknow offers a lucrative opportunity for industrial and commercial businesses to set up their distribution centre in the eastern part of the country. With a large base of customers in Uttar Pradesh, a commercial warehouse for rent in Bijnor Road empowers sellers to operate without any logistical barriers. With a substantial sellers' base in North India, having a warehouse in Lucknow will open new opportunities for regional sellers to achieve significant returns on their business.

Lucknow-Kanpur Highway
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About Lucknow-Kanpur Highway

Get a warehouse for rent in one of the most crucial areas of Lucknow, and get the most ideal storage for your items. At OFCSPC, we provide a comprehensive range of well-maintained commercial warehouse for rent, and industrial warehouse spaces starting for rent starting from 5000 sq ft. in the prominent locations around Lucknow-Kanpur Highway.

Sitapur Road
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About Sitapur Road

For the growth and flexibility of your business, it is very important to choose such a rented warehouse that is able to fulfil all your company needs. A warehouse or godown for rent around Sitapur Road in Lucknow offers tons of benefits to distributors and manufacturers. Find a suitable warehouse for your business that includes everything from basic things like electricity, temperature control, running water to high security and parking areas.

Looking for the right warehouse space for rent in and around Lucknow? Then you've landed in the right place! At OFCSPC we handle the long or short term warehousing and storage needs of your business. Our solutions managers bring in years of experience to help you out with finding the right warehouse, godowns, cold storage for businesses like yours to receive and ship your items out when you need them.

We help small to medium-sized companies across Lucknow, an important corridor in the northern region of the country, find the best warehouse to accept materials or store finished products. Our company understands that sometimes there just isn’t enough room to keep products at your facility until they are ready to be used or shipped out. Our experts work with you to determine the amount of space you need when you need it, and how long you need it for — all for a competitive rate.

We also help our clients in fulfilling their 3PL requirements by providing the right support. Our 3PL partners will help make sure your items arrive at their intended destination on time and intact. With these, we are a full-service company that can help you grow and service your accounts. Contact us today and let us know what your warehousing and storage needs are. We’ll provide you with a quick and accurate estimate!

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Discover how we enable and empower large multinationals and growing enterprises to succeed.

"I really liked working with OFCSPC. With their professionalism and a box full of useful advice, they've greatly helped us navigate through a rather considered complex (and sometimes stressful) process of investing in a property. Their people carry a vast knowledge of the local market and understanding of the human interactions within our community."


Director and CEO - GenEx Logistics India Pvt. Ltd
"Getting a warehouse from OFCSPC has been extremely positive for us. The location is ideal, with really easy access to other parts of the city. It is spacious and with lots of amenities, making a huge difference in the nature of our business."
ofcspc client


General Manager - Operation THE BOMBAY STORE


CFO, Perfect Inc.
"OFCSPC is quite simply an idea whose time has come. Having access to a large inventory of warehouses PAN India that fit my needs (and work) has been fantastic."


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