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With OFCSPC, you van experience warehouse management solutions and enjoy the support of our solutions managers. We also serve you with overall facilities of cold storage warehouses on rent.

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Warehousing operations form an indispensable part of supply chain network. With the ever evolving India's retail sector, we provide technology oriented warehouses spaces which can also be customized as per the variable business requirements. With our efficient warehouse management, you can limit the overall travel time of products and in turn boost your productivity and output. A cost effective warehouse in your distribution channel will help your have successful commercial footprints in your niche. Selecting an ideal warehouse for your business can be a cumbersome task. With our solution managers you can be assured to best commercial warehouses on rent.

We provide enhanced security to our clients which improves accountability and reduces the risk of theft and other issues. It also allows employers to identify new training opportunities.

We provide you greater flexibility to continue delivering high levels of service while also reducing your costs.

Another benefit of a warehouse management system, we provide cold storage facilities for businesses involved with perishable products.

There is an acute shortage of labor in the warehouse and logistics markets; but here we overcome this by offering large number of labor facilities.


To ease your business task we help you with workable tips that you can easily operate your business.  We offer you a distribution center and warehouses on rent within close connectivity to prominent areas of the city. We understand how logistics and warehousing play an indispensable role in the transportation of goods across the country. We provide decent warehouse management should combine processes, so you can limit the overall travel time of products, and in turn expanding productivity and output.

As warehouses are naturally risky workplaces, so to protect you with this, we provide effective security and warehouse measures. Aside from the security, we offer a strict administration with a specific step of time offered toward the finish of each activity. From moving and storing your freight to handling incident rates, safety procedures, and damage plans, we assure you with suitable solutions of warehouses for lease under one roof.

Backed by a team of committed and innovative experts and supported by state of art IT systems, we offer warehousing facilities for both short and long-term. Satisfying variable business needs, the company also has provisions for high value and hazardous cargo transportation with specialized shipping solutions and consultation. For flawless warehousing functions, it is necessary to have a collection of specialized assets, modern technology, and robust infrastructure.

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Discover how we enable and empower large multinationals and growing enterprises to succeed.

"I really liked working with OFCSPC. With their professionalism and a box full of useful advice, they've greatly helped us navigate through a rather considered complex (and sometimes stressful) process of investing in a property. Their people carry a vast knowledge of the local market and understanding of the human interactions within our community."


Director and CEO - GenEx Logistics India Pvt. Ltd
"Getting a warehouse from OFCSPC has been extremely positive for us. The location is ideal, with really easy access to other parts of the city. It is spacious and with lots of amenities, making a huge difference in the nature of our business."
ofcspc client


General Manager - Operation THE BOMBAY STORE


CFO, Perfect Inc.
"OFCSPC is quite simply an idea whose time has come. Having access to a large inventory of warehouses PAN India that fit my needs (and work) has been fantastic."


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