Find the most beneficial pre-leased properties in New Delhi, A pre-leased property is a great investment option for anyone who is looking forward to putting their money on a ready property.

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The property which is rented to an organization/enterprise/proprietor and then sold to a buyer along with that rent as an income is called a pre-leased property. The property which was already leased out is now available for sale, in which the buyer has the benefit of an assured income. The pre-leased properties are suitable for investors as it produces a higher premium as the ROI is known.

Pre-Leased / Pre-Rented Properties with OFC.SPC

  • Properties Rented to Banks, MNCs, and Big Brands.
  • Rental income from Rs. 50K to 25LK per month.
  • Prime Location and Verified Tenants Guaranteed.
  • More than 200+ Pre Rented Properties for SALE.
  • As a compelling investment option, the pre-rented properties guarantee a settled ROI (Returns on Investments) from the first day, which makes New Delhi an outstanding location for making pre-lease property transactions. The city offers commercial properties that range from corporate offices, co-working spaces, retail & other commercial spaces.

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    Unlock all available properties in Gurgaon

    • CITY: Sohna Road, Gurgaon
    • AREA: 1361 sq. ft.
    • BROKERAGE:  ✓ No Brokerage 
    • MAINTENANCE: Extra as applicable
    ₹75,000/- per month

    Global Foyer - Golf Course Road - Gurgaon

    • CITY: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
    • AREA: 1700 sq. ft.
    • BROKERAGE:  ✓ No Brokerage 
    • MAINTENANCE: Extra as applicable
    ₹1,70,000/- per month

    Vatika City Point - MG Road - Gurgaon

    • CITY: MG Road, Gurgaon
    • AREA: 3900 sq. ft.
    • BROKERAGE:  ✓ No Brokerage 
    • MAINTENANCE: Extra as applicable
    ₹4,68,000/- per month


    New Delhi itself is a lucrative market for pre-lease investment and rentals, and thus, an excellent investment option for people who are actively looking to put their money in a ready property with the objective of earning a regular monthly income.

    Going for a pre-leased property in New Delhi comes with zero construction risks, which is very unlikely to an under-construction or a soon-to-be-launched project. Plus, with our expert advisors, even a first timer in this area would find pre-leased properties absolutely safe and sans any major paperwork or running around. Furthermore, being the capital city, New Delhi sees a long list of quality, long-term tenants that make the pre-leased properties in the city an income generator rather than a drain. Get in touch with us now and start looking forward to a stable source of funds!

    New Delhi boasts of so many compelling reasons to invest in commercial pre-leased property like; safe investment options as compared to an under-construction or vacant property, assured monthly returns, fantastic ROI as compared to residential investments, and presence of high-quality tenants including MNCs and IT corporations. Given these conditions, you should definitely get in touch with our experts to explore better avenues and to enjoy healthy incomes with excellent capital appreciation.

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