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If you look at big conglomerates like Google or Facebook, or any other global brand, you’ll easily notice a common factor in all of them – their mega offices. Apart from the mind-bending designs and layouts that are capable of bringing forth your inner child; one aspect that they never fail to include is the
Commercial Real Estate sector is one of the leading contributors towards India’s economic growth in past few years. Major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon and Delhi have seen the highest growth of commercial properties. India has produced a line of successful commercial real estate entrepreneurs and holds a long tradition of entrepreneurship and wealth. Here
Proper lighting at your workplace gives you a positive energy and helps in brightening your mood.  And it’s no secret that appropriate fixtures of lighting play a pivotal role in enhancing a pleasant work environment between employees. In fact, many companies across the world are getting attentive towards bringing the right and easy way to
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Internet of Things makes everyday objects get connected with the internet, thus allowing them to be controlled remotely or to share and communicate data without actual human involvement. When it comes to IoT at workspaces, it will involve a spectrum of hardware and technologies including smart devices robots and artificial intelligence to attain higher productivity