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About 2/3 of every organization’s team is made up of younger generations, who show up everyday day at work. For them, an office space is not just a physical location of working but more of an active zone; and work is something that can be tackled remotely in any scenario. If you sum this up,
Do you feel like an icy White Walker from “Game of Thrones” while working from your office desk? It seems that your office is too a victim of a problematic air conditioning. It is a hidden world altogether, “Alice’s Wonderland” sorts, and it is true that the majority of workplaces around the globe get affected
Most businessmen don’t realize the need to shift onto a bigger, better office space until it gets too cramped up. Others don’t feel it necessary to get a new office address, despite running high on profits. They will prefer giving remote working options to their team members, than getting a good office space. Some also
Thursday, 12 July 2018 / Published in Blog, commercial space, Latest Blog, Networking, Real Estate
Elevator pitch is the first contact tool that you should always be ready with. Whether in business meetings, conferences, seminars, or casually even when you come across an old friend at the mall, an effective elevator pitch can help you make that first good impression. Elevator pitch is a compact and persuasive sales speech to