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  As startups are gaining a pace, coworking spaces are one of the most profitable investments to make. Although coworking is a recent concept in Indian real estate market, it is has gained grounds fast. In this age of freelancers, startups and solo entrepreneurs, there is no disputing over the growing popularity of coworking spaces.
With full of creativity, innovative and exquisite workplace interiors have now enhanced as the most vital concept for companies nowadays. The unique designs of office spaces ensure employees stay stimulated. You’ve probably heard about the damage that sitting down all day does to your body. Plus, the same desk with the same view every day
Top business giants are determined to make their workspaces a better place to be. They not only invest huge amounts but also spend a lot of time to figure out the best interiors, suitable for their business and enhancing their growth. According to Millennial Careers: 2020 Visions report, an average India spends 52 hours per
Most employers these days don’t treat their workforce as mere working machines but as part and parcel of their business success. Employees have become the central part of several organisations and employers have started going beyond just meeting their employees basic needs. Though often ignored office furniture is one of the most important things to