The Startup Desk was created to nurture and grow convincing business ideas into performing enterprises that deliver great results and values. We help young entrepreneurs with an all-around growth approach that helps them put their plans into action. From providing the right mentorship to office building services. By keeping other smaller worries of finding funds, managing office spaces and others ancillary services; you get to focus on building high-delivering products with your team.

Give your entrepreneurial spirit the wings it deserves. Our mentor panel consists of some of the most exceptional minds in Indian startup, business, and public services, and with the same passion and commitment as yours who bring in years of experience to provide the right guidance to your idea. We believe in supporting innovative young entrepreneurs and strive to contribute to your success right from the starting point.

We offer professional, pragmatic and reliable services in all areas and phases of the life of a startup. We specialize in advising startups following their foundation, especially on financing rounds, mentoring, networking, office space procurement, managing layouts, other ancillary services, and more. We offer you our services that can be adapted to your enterprise’s situation. Welcome to the Startup Desk!

Here are various reasons why Startup Desk is essential for you:


While there are numerous arguments on why entrepreneurs should only follow their own instincts and do not need mentors, most successful startups -on the contrary- had mentors to guide them on the road to success. Our panel of mentors and right set of office-related services carry the has experience to pull your startup through the highs and lows of the initial phase - which is also the most crucial stages. In this make or break scenario, you would always need a helping hand who can give you valuable words of advice and take care of your need of running a business in its perfect position. We've successfully helped several startups with initiating their workflow and returns yielding process. And, they are all doing great! It's time for you to join in the upheaving experience and enrich your startup with the right guidance in the right direction. Take a look at some of the startups that we've helped to navigate towards their way to success.


Get the best-in-industry startup facilitating services to nurture and grow your business ideas

Get The Most Exceptional Guidance For Your Startup!

OFCSPC provides the most pragmatic, flexible and smart approach of marching toward your goals. With time, we’ve created a hub for offering the best advice to young entrepreneurs not only in terms of finding the right investments but creating an efficient workspace that drives innovation and problem-solving scenarios. In the process, saving a lot of your time and efforts to create a favourable scenario for your startup.

Our members have benefited from our longstanding experience in working with startups at all stages of a first business idea to exit. We understand the specific needs of founders and entrepreneurs and know the challenges you will be facing. Our team is actively involved in the building up a productive ecosystem, where you can see your goals become realities. Under excellent mentorship from the most learned minds in the finance, planning, and startup culture, you can also see your startup in a fulfilling relationship with leading incubators and accelerators. 

We also understand the financial constraints of startups and provide innovative and affordable investment models tailored to your funding requirements. Come, become a part of the startup desk where you can march shoulder to shoulder with collaboration and innovation toward your goals!

We also guarantee to get you the best office setups for your startup. Right from finding the location to helping in leasing and buying facilities, to getting all the office interior and other ancillary support finalized. Leave the worries of running your office space during the initial phases on us and focus on building more values for your startup.

Join Startup Desk and create more productive possibilities for your business. Startup Desk at OFCSPC is the only place where you get amenity friendly office in IT/Business Park with 1-year maintenance free, no questions asked, 6 months office rent-free for startup businesses, and cutting-edge interior tailored as per your need to suit your style.