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Find the strategic supply chain solutions for your business at OFCSPC. Our range of high delivering warehouse services in Gurgaon guarantees to take your business to the next level.

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Find business possibilities in every direction with the right warehousing.

Benefits you get:

By selecting warehouse services from OFCSPC, you can enjoy great benefits like;

  • Pan India availability
  • Variable sizes
  • Caters all warehousing needs
  • Best Solution for Major Industries
  • Long-term asset value
  • Built to suit options
  • Highly professional expertise
  • Leasing, renting and buying options

Warehouse Spaces ✓ Sorted

Unlock all available warehouse spaces in different cities

The largest market of warehouse centre Gurgaon is one of the most preferred locations by the investors. Gurugram has come a long way to establish itself as the destination for warehouse leasing. Find the best warehouse spaces for rent in the city of Gurgaon.

The capital city, New Delhi is often considered as one of the relevant warehouses in the country in terms of value and most sought after by businesses and investors alike. Get your commercial warehouse space for rent in the prime locations of New Delhi.

Discover the best office warehouse for rent in the major part of the NCR region, Noida. With several big brands operating in the urban areas, no wonder why Noida has become a favorite spot to run your business from with greater returns on your investment.

Greater Noida, considered as one of the fastest developing areas when it comes to obtaining warehouses for global IT brands and MNCs in the NCR. Find the best investment options for office warehouse for lease in Greater Noida here.

Ghaziabad is one stop solution for your business who are trying to find out the small warehouse space for rent in the city. Ghaziabad provides a wide range of cheap warehouse space rent for the startup's team along with the top-notch facilities you are looking for.

Growing city in Haryana has come out as an important one to set-up businesses in the vicinity of the NCR. With easy connectivity to the other areas in the region and the easier availability of commercial properties make it a perfect area to deal with warehousing properties.

Acknowledged to be one of the fastest developing areas, it is also considered to be one the prime areas to obtain a commercial property for global IT brands and MNCs in the Mumbai. The city provides spacious and completely functional warehouses on rent to fulfil your varied business needs.

Warehousing is considered to be one of the safest ways to get handsome returns, and Bangalore is the best location to invest in. The presence of big brands and the array of emerging businesses make the warehouses in the city worth taking a look at. Find out the best options of warehouse storage for rent in the city of Banglore.

The thriving city of Maharashtra has come out as an important one to set-up businesses in the vicinity of the Pune. With easy connectivity to the other areas in the region provides the easier availability of commercial warehouse for rent which makes it a perfect area to deal with warehousing properties.


Our broad system of dedicated warehouses, joined with best-in-class services, procedures and frameworks guarantee cost-productive facilities that empower you to satisfy your clients seamlessly.

OFCSPC has an extensive variety of warehouse facilities and management in vital business areas of Delhi-NCR (in North region), Maharashtra (in the West region), and Karnataka (in the South region). With our long-standing experience in warehouse procurement and additional services, you can find more business opportunities than ever before. Thus, providing your greater flexibility to continue delivering high levels of service while also lowering your costs.

By fulfilling all your warehousing needs - right from finalizing the location to set up a functional unit - our experts help you in every step. From helping you in finding a pre-existing functional unit, to introducing technology-driven solutions in your warehouse, and from leasing/buying just a bare-shell facility to helping you with customizations in your existing framework; our experts are fully adept in providing a 360-degree solutions approach in all warehousing needs.

We can help you with proactive services to carry out efficient activities in both traditional warehousing tasks and other value-added services like; setting up of distribution centres, inventory management and control, business support system, technologies of bar-coding, labelling, and more.


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Discover how we enable and empower large multinationals and growing enterprises to succeed.

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